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All articulated courses are shown below. Enter a specific course subject and course number in the fields to see the equivalent USD course. Titles for external course are not shown at this time.

If a subject and course number are not displayed, then no articulation exists for that course.

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Enter an area of study (subject) Click 'Submit' and then click on the subject code of the specific course to see the USD equivalent.

OR enter both a subject and course number from the external institution to see the USD Equivalent Course

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Note: Please enter both Subject and Course to view the results or click the Subject links below.

If you don't find the subject/course you are looking for then you can request the course be evaluated using the Transfer Credit Articulation form. Note that submitting a new articulation is a longer process and will need approval from the department chair.

Transferring Courses

SubjectCourseCourse Title
CHEM120Prep for General Chemistry
COMM122Public Speaking
COMM124Intercultural Communication
CS119Program Design &
CS182Intro to Java Programming
ENGL124Advanced Composition
ENGR100Intro Engineering & Design
ENGR210Electric Circuits
HED120Personal Health & Lifestyle
HED204Health and Social Justice
MATH160Elementary Statistics
MATH245Discrete Mathematics
MATH284Linear Algebra
MATH285Differential Equations
POSC120Intro Politics & Pol Analysis
POSC121Intro US Govt & Politics
POSC124Intro Comp Gov't & Politics
POSC130Intro to Int'l Relations
POSC140Intro to Calif Govt & Politics
SOC120Introductory Sociology

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