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All articulated courses are shown below. Enter a specific course subject and course number in the fields to see the equivalent USD course. Titles for external course are not shown at this time.

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If you don't find the subject/course you are looking for then you can request the course be evaluated using the Transfer Credit Articulation form. Note that submitting a new articulation is a longer process and will need approval from the department chair.

Transferring Courses

SubjectCourseCourse Title
ACCT101Practical Accounting
ACCT102Practical Accounting II
ACCT104Payroll Accounting
ACCT145Individual Income Tax
ACCT146Taxation of Business Entities
ACCT147Advanced Tax Preparation
ACCT148Computer Accounting
ACCT149IRS Volunteer Preparation
ACCT158Business Mathematics
ACCT201Financial Accounting
ACCT201HFinancial Accounting Honors
ACCT202Managerial Accounting
ANTH101Biological Anthropology
ANTH102Cultural Anthropology
ANTH103Intro to Archaeology
ANTH104Native American Cultures
ANTH107Gender, Sex and Sexuality
ANTH190Primate Behavior & Ecology
BIO102Ecology & Environmental Biol
BIO103Animal Diversity
BIO104Botany (Plant Life)
BIO105Genes & Technology in Society
BIO106Infectious Diseases
BIO107Marine Biology w/ Lab
BIO108Ecology of the Oceans
BIO110Prep Pre-Health Professions
BIO111Intro Bio: Prep Pre-Health Pro
BIO190Musculoskelatal System
BIO202Evol, Biodiversity, Org Biol
BIO204Biochem/Cell/Genetics/Molec Bi
BIO210Human Anatomy
BIO220Human Physiology
BIO230Intro to Microbiology
BIO290Human Dissection Lab
BIO340Molecular Mech. of Disease
BUS117Human Resources Management
BUS120Intro to Business
BUS130Small Business Management
BUS131Management Principles
BUS133Project Management
BUS134Retail Management
BUS135Personal Selling
BUS136Human Relations in Business
BUS137Customer Service
BUS138Business Promotion
BUS140Legal Environment of Business
BUS144Budgeting Basics
BUS147Personal Finance
BUS152Bus Idea Generation&Feasibilit
BUS153Business Startup Fundamentals
BUS154Funding EntrepreneurialVenture
BUS155Business Plan Development
BUS160International Business
BUS204Business Statistics
BUS290Business Communication
BUS302Leadership&Personal Dvlpmt
CHEM103Chemistry and Society: For Non
CHEM112Intro General, Organic and Bio
CHEM115Introductory General Chemistry
CHEM116Introductory Organic and Biolo
CHEM140Preparation for General Chemis
CHEM150General Chemistry I: For Scien
CHEM151General Chemistry II: For Scie
CHEM211Organic Chemistry II
CHLD105Intro to Teaching Young Childr
CHLD109Child Behavior and Guidance
COMM101Public Speaking
COMM106Group Communication
COMM111Oral Interpretation of Lit
COMM120Principles of Human Comm
COMM135Gender Studies in Comm
COMM207Interpersonal Communication
COMM215Intercultural Communication
COMM220Intro to Mass Communication
CS101Intro to CS Principles
CS107Intro to Object-Oriented Prog
CS111Intro to Computer Sci I: Java
CS112Intro to Computer Sci II: Java
CS113Basic Data Struct & Algorithms
CS130Fundamentals of Scripting Lang
CS134Mobile Device App Development
CS138Programming with Python
CS150C++ Programming
CS151Advanced C++ Programming
CS155C# and the .NET Framework
CS220Computer Arch & Assembly Lang
CSIT100Fund of Computer Info Syst
CSIT110Computer Applications
CSIT120Fund of Computer Info Syst
DNCE105Dance Cultures of the World
DRAM107Intro to Design for Perform
DRAM123Script Analysis
DRAM130Acting I
DRAM201Rehears&Perf: Dramatic Theatre
DRAM202Rehears&Perf: Comedic Theatre
DRAM203Rehears&Perf: Classical Theatr
DRAM204Rehears&Perf: Musical Theatre
DRAM210Rehears&Perf: Technical Theatr
ECON100Survey of Economics
ECON101Principles of Economics: Macro
ECON102Principles of Economics: Micro
ENGL100Composition & Reading
ENGL201Critical Think, Comp & Lit
ENGL202Critical Thinking & Comp
ENGL202HCritical Think & Comp (Honors)
ENGL280Creative Writing
FREN101Elementary French I
HEAL101Principles of Health
HIST100World History to 1500
HIST101World History since 1500
HIST102History of the Mod Middle East
HIST103Western Civ to 1648
HIST104Western Civ since 1648
HIST105History of England
HIST106History of Technology
HIST107East Asian Societies
HIST110United States History to 1877
HIST111United States Hist since 1877
HIST113American Military History
HIST115Women in American History
HIST116Hist of the Americas to 1830
HIST117Hist/the Americas since 1830
HIST141Mex Am Hist through 1877
HIST142Mex Am Hist since 1877
HIST145African Am History to 1877
HIST146African Am History since 1877
HIST165California History
KINE150Beginner Yoga
MATH102Math Fundamentals II: Mathemat
MATH105Concepts/Struct Elem Math I
MATH106Concepts/Struct Elem Math II
MATH112Mathematical Analysis
MATH115Calculus with Applications
MATH126Pre-Calculus I: College Algebr
MATH131Pre-Calculus II: Trigonometry
MATH150Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
MATH155Calc & Analytic Geometry II
MATH226Discrete Math
MATH260Calc & Analytic Geometry III
MATH265Differential Equations
MATH270Linear Algebra
MUS100Introduction to Music Theory
MUS101Music Theory I
MUS102Music Theory II
MUS103Musicianship I
MUS104Musicianship II
MUS112American Popular Music
MUS113The Music of Multicultural Ame
MUS114History of Rock and Roll
MUS115Introduction to Western Music
MUS116Survey of World Music
MUS119Jazz History
MUS120Piano I
MUS121Piano II
MUS128Piano for Music Major I
MUS129Piano for Music Major II
MUS130Guitar I
MUS131Guitar II
MUS141Vocal Fundamentals
MUS145APerformace Lab I
MUS145BPerformace Lab II
MUS150AContemporary Big Band I
MUS150BContemporary Big Band II
MUS152ASmall Group Jazz Ensemble I
MUS152BSmall Group Jazz Ensemble II
MUS155APopular Music Ensemble I
MUS155BPopular Music Ensemble II
MUS161AConcert Chorale I
MUS161BConcert Chorale II
MUS164Musical Theater Ensemble
MUS165AChamber Choir I
MUS165BChamber Choir II
MUS166AVocal Jazz Ensemble I
MUS166BVocal Jazz Ensemble II
MUS170ASymphony Orchestra I
MUS170BSymphony Orchestra II
MUS201Advanced Music Theory
MUS203Advanced Musicianship
MUS228Advanced Piano
MUS229Jazz/Commercial Piano
MUS241Advanced Vocal Techniques
MUS250AContemporary Big Band III
MUS250BContemporary Big Bag IV
MUS252ASmall Group Jazz Ensemble III
MUS252BSmall Group Jazz Ensemble IV
MUS253Jazz/Commercial Improv
MUS261AConcert Chorale III
MUS261BConcert Chorale IV
MUS265AChamber Choir III
MUS265BChamber Choir IV
MUS266AVocal Jazz Ensemble III
MUS266BVocal Jazz Ensemble IV
MUS270ASymphony Orchestra III
MUS270BSymphony Orchestra IV
NURS155Medical Terminology
OCEA101Intro Oceanography
PHIL100Informal Logic/Critical Think
PHIL101Intro to Phil: Knowledge & Rea
PHIL102Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL110Introduction to Logic
PHIL221Philosophy of Religion
PHSN101Intro to Physical Science
PHSN108Intro to Climate Change
PHYS111Intro to Physics I
PHYS112Intro to Physics II
PHYS151Principles of Physics I
PHYS152Principles of Physics II
PHYS152HPrinciples Phys II Hon
PHYS253Principles of Physics III
PHYS280Introduction to Electronics
PLSC101Intro to Political Science
PLSC102American Inst and History
PLSC103Comparative Government
PLSC150Intro/International Relations
PSYC100Psychology of Personal Growth
PSYC101General Psychology
PSYC103Social Psychology
PSYC104Statistics for Behav Science
PSYC114Abnormal Psychology
PSYC115Human Sexuality
PSYC121Human Development
PSYC125Psychology of Women
PSYC145Psych/Soci of the Family
PSYC170Psychology of Aging
PSYC205Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC211Learning & Behavior Modificati
PSYC260Physiological Psychology
RELG101World Religions
RELG103Religion in America
RELG105Eastern Religions
SOC101Intro to Sociology
SOC102Contemporary Social Problems
SOC103Social Psychology
SOC105Intro to Justice Studies
SOC110Comparative Cultures
SOC120Intro to Women's Studies
SOC125Intro to Stats in Sociology
SOC130Intro to Gender Studies
SOC140Intro to LGBT Studies
SOC145Psychology/Sociology Family
SOC205Intro to Research Met in Socio
SOC207Race & Ethnic Relations
SOC230Intro to Chicana/o Studies
SOC240Intro to Black Studies
SOCI101Intro to Sociology

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